Electric Bus Self Dependent for its Own Energy

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Every car does bump while it runs. It is seen more with passenger bus’s back position. We can extract electrical energy from an electric bus. The amount of power that is extracted from it is more than its expenses for running.

Four dynamo/electric generators will fit besides two sets of rear spring plate/pati and it rotation by by-cycle system’s rear free wheel (fig-1/c). Rear free wheel of by -cycle is rotation by chain which will be fit with gear of by-cycle (fig-1/e) and it (gear) will rotation by liver system which will fit with spring plate (fig-1/h). When the passenger load bus run in speed then the back position is up-down and the liver does rotate the gear and the gear does rotate rear free wheel by chain and rear free wheel does rotate the dynamo. Thus we get electrical energy from four dynamo by this process and the electric is stored in battery which supply energy to engine for running. Thus the bus run without helping of out-source energy. If the bus is ten wheeler, then eight dynamos will be fit. This system is not a barrier to speed or does not lose energy produced by the engine.


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