Green Roof with Collection and Purification Capabilities of Rainwater

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The proposed modular green roof is applicable to all buildings in rainy and tropical regions of the world. In the proposed system, it has been tried to mitigate or even solve the problems related to the previous systems such as requiring a large installation space, low water storage efficiency, water penetration to the interior part of the building, purification quality etc. This system is a part of the building which does not occupy extra space. In addition to the indirect form of rainwater absorption (through the plant containers), direct form of rainwater absorption (through the earthenware masses with six openings) was also used in our system to not only improve the water storage efficiency, but also to increase the speed of water storage. Our system, by having the slope may mitigate the water penetration issue. It could increase the environmental parameter by integrating the green cover and rainwater collection systems while in most of previous green roof systems, just the green coverage has been considered. Different natural and artificial purification filters were used to make the rainwater potable. By using inter-locking fastening, cork and flexible materials in sensitive points, and making a modular cover, the proposed system creates a relative resistance against possible impact force in events like storm or high wind.

By integrating green cover, water collection and purification system into one system, and improving the quality of its surrounding ecosystems, it can also play a role in rainwater collection, purification and storage; and it is the first time that all these aspects have been considered in one roof system. Since large parts of this system are prefabricated, the installation is easier than existing systems. In addition to contributing to the family economy, it will help the society by reducing long pipes and water treatment facilities and leads to national water conservation to lower water bills for the family. By helping to create a green landscape in the city, it can contribute significantly in relieving daily stress and improving the city’s psychological level. By protecting of the roof against UV ray of the sun, useful life of the roof will be increased, and the use of green roof on building will lead to saving a significant of energy in a building due to the reduction of heating and cooling load and the minimum usage of cryogenic and heating equipment.

The purpose of this system is to improve the environmental sustainability by providing a green cover to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and collection and purification of rainwater for optimal usage of rainwater by having access to the safe water in all regions. Due to the drinking water problem and looking of the international community to sustainable products more than before, this product is applicable in all rainy regions of the world in different types of buildings.

The construction cost of this roof is more than that of a typical roof. But in course of time, this cost will be paid off by saving in the water charge.


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    Mojtaba Valinejadshoubi
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    Mojtaba Valinejadshoubi
    (PhD student at Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering department, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)

    Masoud Valinejadshoubi
    (Young Researchers and Elite Club, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran)

    Dr Ashutosh Bagchi
    (Building, civil and environmental engineering department, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)

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