Technology Transfer

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Quality is one of the issues affecting the performance and safety of all products no matter if in the Aerospace, Automotive or Medical Devices or any other products, when the life and safety of human life quality is one of the key factors being investigated to find the root cause of the problem.

As the technology changes, looking back decades of advancements in engineering design and manufacturing technology have changed significantly and now we have 3D Printing technology. No matter where the technology advances there is one thing that is the product quality is the features cannot be ignored.

There were technologies and quality systems to identify and correct problems only works after the fact and experience have shown that that technology is no longer good for the advance technology and products we make today.

One of the areas we have been working for a long time to figure out how the tedious task of quality can be reformatted so that quality is built into the engineering design, manufacturing and process control so that the products manufactured will always not only conforms to the design requirements but also the manufacturing process produces The Best products ever made for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical Devices with CpK more than 2 and above.

This new invention has been Patented and Copy righted to protect the sensitivity of the invention and the amazing performance of the tool can offer to the industries to eliminate the quality issues we are facing today.

Process control and supplier managements are another feature of this tool that enables the communication between the parties excellent and monitors the process and process capability from one end of the world to the other. Cost savings and enhanced quality products are another advantage with this tool and the customers and buyers can reach the tools and view the process performance on real time when it happens.

Overall this will be one of the cutting edge of the technology and it will be a sin if not used for the benefit of our industries and the life and safety of human beings. All the materials are created in the form of Power Point Presentation and some part has a software application. This tool integrates the engineering design, manufacturing, customer need into a package so that transparency is the focus and visible to all process owners.


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    Bob Matthew
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Drive for excellence by eliminating risks in the process. This technology will reduce or eliminates the risks of the investors and customers paying the heavy cost for defective products. The interesting fact is that if we combine the engineering design, manufacturing process and quality functions into one, amazing results will be produced that is always to the benefit to the customers, investors and the producers.
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