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Conversion of biogas to Methanol and application in IC engines

The project presents conversion of biogas to liquid fuel Methanol by Nucleophilic substitution reaction and its application in IC engine by changing valve timing.

A number of environmental and economic benefits are claimed for bio-fuels. Production of bio-methanol from biomass is one of the ways to reduce consumption of crude oil and environmental pollution. Using bio-methanol blended gasoline fuel for automobiles, we can significantly reduce both petroleum use and exhaust greenhouse gas emission. Bio-methanol can be produced from different kinds of raw materials. Conversion technologies for producing bio-methanol from cellulosic biomass resources such as forest materials, agricultural residues and urban wastes are explained. If we can use biofuel for transportation, in addition with petrol, we can use it as an alternate fuel so that we don’t have to completely depend on petroleum products. This is the main idea of our project. This technology ensures sustainable development and energy security with facilitating employment in rural areas.



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