Entropy Driven Absolute Negative Pressure Systems for the Future of Electric Power

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At Cavitational Energy Systems LLC we are able to completely convert large amounts of heat energy at very cold temperatures (~30K) to electricity; using the heat energy in the ~30K to ambient temperature difference. The transmission of resultant Electric Energy across the cryogenic to ambient temperature gradient does not incur the loss normally associated with the transmission of Heat energy across the same temperature gradient. We are then able to use this electricity at ambient temperatures to power a vehicle/car at highway speeds. Once this process is started there is no need for a battery to power the electric vehicle as we are able to power the vehicle from the heat in the air; additionally device / process is self cooling during normal operation.. No need to recharge and the device will operate years needing little or no maintenance.

How we accomplish this seemingly impossible task is to use the well know physical process of cavitation. Cavitation occurs in soft solids or liquids, as the medium contracts into itself to form bubbles or cavitaties in the media. As a bubble expands the heat energy contained in the contacted media is transferred to the electrons in the wall of the bubble. When the bubble collapses the energy is released in the form a very bright light or it can be transferred to an electromagnetic field. We can then use the electric current produced by this increase in electromagnetic energy to propel a vehicle, light a sky scraper or power a factory. Specifically, the process / method optically cavitates (using a laser) metallic lithium at cryogenic temperatures in a very strong magnetic field which is produced by a superconducting coil.

This technology is currently covered by patents:

  • US - 7,581,403
  • China - ZL2007010494140
  • Australia – 2008200129
  • Russia - 2451246
  • Pending Indian and Canada

For a formal discussion of this technology please refer to our IEEE Xplore paper “Entropy Driven Absolute Negative Pressure Systems for the Future of Electric Power” which is available free as a download from the home page of our company’s website www.cavitationalenergysystems.com

The average reader and even many Physicists are not very familiar with cavitation, in particular Absolute Negative Pressure.   Dr Seth Putterman of UCLA has a lecture on "Sonoluminescence" which is an Absolute Negative Pressure phenomenon and is very good starting point to learn about Absolute Negative Pressure systems. There is a link to this lecture on our website.

Energy must be added to create the bubble and its expansion. Yet the energy one get out of the bubble is about 1,000,000,000,000 times greater than that needed to create the bubble and cause it to expand.

A complete discussion of this technology is beyond the scope allowed by the 500 word limit permitted for entries to this contest but is available on our website.


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