Airloon - Atmoshperic Home air conditioner

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Air conditioning is one of the energy hogs around. If you live in Texas, you spend an extra 150$ a month in the summer months, for a 2500. sq ft. home, on cooling.

This project is a way to reduce or eliminate that bill. Every kilometer you go up in air, temperature drops 6 ºC in the Troposphere, the lowest layer of atmosphere extending to 12Km.

The solar powered baloon keeps the tubes and pumps floating in the air. It is tethered to the roof top or ground.

The inlet air is filtered and pumped into the house by an air pump in the house through a kilometer high plastic tube. This is a low energy pump as colder air tries to come down to a warmer room temperature.

The outlet air is collected from a higher level of the building and naturally goes up to cooler air a kilometer or more up. There is a small exhaust pump to set up the flow.

A motorized winch can bring down the whole system down with simultaneous remote controlled deflation of the baloon. This is necessary in bad weather.


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    Seeanth Punnakkal
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    Cost of electricity and cooling in particular inspired me.
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