Flying Wind Turbine

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Flying Wind Turbine

An airborne wind turbine is a design concept for a wind turbine with a rotor supported in the air without a tower, thus benefiting from more mechanical and aerodynamic options, the higher velocity and persistence of wind at high altitudes, while avoiding the expense of tower construction.

Airborne wind turbines may operate in low or high altitudes.

When the generator is on the ground, then the tethered aircraft need not carry the generator mass or have a conductive tether. When the generator is aloft, then a conductive tether would be used to transmit energy to the ground.

Several designs are proposed to harness (HAWE) such as balloons and tethered airfoils (kites).

Is a helium-filled balloon rotates around a horizontal axis in response to wind, generating electrical energy by a generator connected to its horizontal axis. The energy produced is then transmitted to the ground by a conductive tether.

We will carry out Balloon method because of :
• High Capacity Power
• Siting and Impact
• Automated and Reliable Operations
• Low Cost & Easy design
• Mobility and Rapid Deployment

Prof. Dr. Eng. Ahmad Sharaf


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