A2P (Air to power)

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The wind is a renewable energy source. Wind turbines can convert its kinetic energy into electricity. As the windiest country in Europe, the UK is well placed to harness wind energy. A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power. A wind turbine used for charging batteries may be referred to as a wind charger.

Not all the energy of blowing wind can be harvested, since conservation of mass requires that as much mass of air exits the turbine as enters it. Betz' law gives the maximal achievable extraction of wind power by a wind turbine as 59% of the total kinetic energy of the air flowing through the turbine.Further inefficiencies, such as rotor blade friction and drag, gearbox losses, generator and converter losses, reduce the power delivered by a wind turbine. Commercial utility-connected turbines deliver about 75% of the Betz limit of power extractable from the wind, at rated operating speed.

Storage: Battery, compressed air, Hyrdrogen fuel cells, etc..
Converting Wind Energy Into Electricity
Energy Matter explains how wind power is converted to electricity by magnets moving past stationary coils of wire known as the stator. As the magnets pass the stator they produce AC electricity which is converted into DC electricity that is either stored in batteries or fed into the national electricity grid.

This project proposes to bring in renewable sources of energy to our door-steps.
Large scale tapping of energy from renewable and eco-friendly resources.
Quick and cheap installation makes it affordable for a common man.
It aims to adapt the Wind mill power generation.
To bring it down to every individual in this society.
To make people self-reliant and produce their own electricity for daily needs.
On par,
The government encourages the people to install solar panels on the roof of every houses by giving them subsidy.

Our concept:
To adapt by installing the wind mill concept in a small size.
To install the wind turbine generation mechanism in all vehicles such as buses, trains, cars etc…..
For instance
In cars the rotor blades of the wind mill will be installed in front facing air grills.
So, as the car is in motion the fan rotates and in turn it generates power.
You could see this model in Customized Ambassador cars.
Some of the advantages.
No-Pollutions, renewable.
These are not operational all 365 days of the year.
The maintenance will be less than the wind mill.
Our main idea is to install these miny type windmills in vehicles so that when it moves a power is created this energy is used for many purposes including geneating electricity, for future cars(battery operated).

You can imagine your vehicle fitted with this and you can use that enegy for your houses through portable batteries for inverters during power cut-off, if your battery goes down in your car you could use this energy to reach wherever you want and in global you could use this in public transport for many purposes.

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