energy harvesting magic leaves

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Nano leaves convert the visible spectrum of light and also convert invisible light, known as infrared light or radiation. Due to the unique abilities of Nano antenna electromagnetic collectors in these Nano leaves which convert visible and mid-infrared radiation into electricity, the energy harvesting continues hours after the sun has set.

The more wind, the more Nano leaves are moved. Wind that is moving thousands of Nano leaves in a tree canopy are causing mechanical strain in the petiole, twigs and branches. Nano piezo-electric elements incorporated into the petiole twigs and branches are the tiny Nano piezo-electric elements that will generate millions and millions of Pico watts as these thousands of Nano leaves flap back and forth in the wind.

The actual motion of artificial trees in a wind field depends on various factors, such as the stiffness and length of branches, the size and shape of leaf crowns, the conditions of the wind field, and turbulence inside the tree crown. Therefore the tree makes use of high-quality thermoplastics from renewable resources. The raw material is lignin, which is a natural polymer.

The Petiole or leafstalk is incorporated with piezoelectric ribbons. This strong and reliable material can provide additional energy output and guarantees no loss of leaves during a storm or rain shower. The Leafstalk is very versatile and easy to install on a twig or branch and is all weather type secured via its cable tie connection. The design and spatial distribution of the Nano leaf active surface area, especially leaf size, density and orientation, strongly regulates electromagnetic harvesting as well as the electricity output.

The leafstalk of Nano tree reacts to a multitude of forces, tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion (movement). This enables the leafstalk to harvest and capture kinetic energy as the Nano leaf moves and bends or vibrates as rain drops impact the surface.

Designed to exploit movement from the wind, these trees will have to obey laws similar to those found in real trees and plants. Embedded piezoelectric ribbons in the joints of branches, twigs and petiole that will ‘scavenge’ energy from ambient and environmental sources, and the interactions between/within the artificial tree or plant structure and soils, assure a multitude of forces tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion will supplement the power output coming from the artificial leaves that deliver the majority of electricity via their incorporated electromagnetic collectors.


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