Jelly Fish Wind Turbine

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In the importance of wind power generation, many types of wind turbine model were developed. The present horizontal axis wind turbines required yaw control mechanism to orient the blades into the wind direction for maximum power generation. This requires additional accessories and increasing the complexity of system.

The proposed Jelly fish wind turbine’s unique design makes it simple and does not require yaw control mechanism. By virtue of the shape of the rotor-blade automatically aligns its direction facing the wind to produce the maximum power output.

Jelly Fish wind turbine is having rotor forming elliptical cup shape with minimum 2 twisted blades separated equally apart. The rotor blade is supported between two circular rings one is smaller in diameter fixed at the far end of the rotor shaft and the other is fixed towards the center of the rotor shaft. Thus the combination of these two circular rings and the interconnected blade forms an elliptical shaped cup. The blades are slightly twisted with an angel in between 0-90° to react with wind. The other end of the shaft is coupled to the electrical generator. The whole rotor and generator unit pivoted to vertical supporting structure to rotate freely on its vertical axis. The vertical shaft is positioned in between the rotor and the generator. The aerodynamically twisted blades offers optimum lift coefficient. The generator acts as counter weight and provides damping to improve the stability.

Due to simplicity in design it easy to manufacture at lower cost.
Easy to install and fits on roof top.
With structural modification this can be used to drive other mechanical loads.
By adding additional features like blade twist control mechanism this can be used for higher rating power generation to control the power out with varying wind speeds.

Thus Jelly fish wind turbine can provide solution to the domestic and large scale wind power generation. Its application is not only limited to wind power and can be extended to hydel-power and to drive other mechanical loads.


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