g-EN CO2 Engine

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g-EN CO2 Engine harnesses inexhaustible ambient or waste heat and converts it to useful mechanical power, delivers more power than ICE (internal combustion engine) at the same size without burning hydrocarbon fuels, hence no greenhouse gas emissions. That solves the problems on pollutive energy from fossil fuels and deliver unlimited power to every people in any corner on earth.

The patent-pending technology behind it is using a very cold (about -40 degree C) carbon dioxide in a rotary-vane motor to absorb the ambient heat, expand, drive the shaft and exit. The CO2 can still remain very cold after exit and need to warm up to ambient temperature before feeding back to the motor in a closed loop cycle.

Besides, with so much coldness below water freezing point, it can generate fresh water from air, wastewater or seawater as a by-product. The coldness can further use for air-conditioning, reducing the power needed for chillers. Since coldness have to be warmed up, it is free air-conditioning especially in hot areas.

g-EN engine as shown in the picture can be manufactured in mass quantity rapidly, providing affordable, electricity, fresh cold water and dispose wet waste as well when incorporated with a high tenperature reactor powered by hydrogen and oxygen gases. The heat is not wasted. It is recovered by g-EN engine to deliver more power and hot water. Another benefit, fresh water can be produced anywhere with g-EN engine.

The complete system is the piping connection between the inlet and outlet of the g-EN engine with enough CO2 flowing in a closed loop from high pressure to low pressure and back to high pressure. A generator is coupled the motor shaft and inverter to the generator to deliver the desired specification of the electricity. It is portable, compact and scalable for electric vehicles, airplane, ship to distributed power generation at site for buildings.

In summary, g-EN engine can stop greenhouse gas emission completely, powered by inexhaustible ambient or waste heat, delivers more than enough power and fresh water to every people in any corner of the world, with bonus of free air-conditioning and with optional wet waste disposal for more power and hot water.

g-EN engine of 20kW capacity is available for sale now and delivery is within 2 months as to date.



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