Re-purposing floodwater to provide water to the arid Southwest states and California

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There are viable, common sense transformational solutions to the lack of water challenge for the arid Southwest and California. These solutions can be the basis of a new business and that business can and should be located right here in Albuquerque.

What can you do with:
Storm forecasting using NOAA satellites?
Storm forecasting using NASA satellites?
Midwest floodwaters?
1,000's of miles of existing, large diameter abandoned/inactive pipelines?
1,000's of miles of existing, small diameter abandoned/inactive pipelines?

We can do this...:
Those satellites provide information for very accurate prediction of where there will be heavy amounts of precipitation.
The resulting floodwaters are tracked by those same satellites for viewing on the TV news.
That floodwater can be harvested high in the basin so it has less opportunity to become a force of destruction and piped thru those refurbished large diameter pipelines that are just linear voids in the Earth's crust.
Those small diameter pipelines are the perfect conduit or ductwork for a huge fiber optics network.

Both systems generating profits.

Food for thought...

During the 2011 flood the Mississippi River moved 1.5 million cubic feet of flood water per second past a defined point located at Vicksburg, MS headed to the Gulf of Mexico. Volumes of water, like this, can go a long way to refill reservoirs like Lake Mead and Lake Powell to name a few.

In the long week prior to Hurricane Katrina, huge amounts of water could have been pumped out of Lake Pontchartrain and moved to reservoirs in Texas and New Mexico to make room for the water that would need to be pumped into the lake to save New Orleans. With a system in place, as proposed, water from Lake Pontchartrain can be pumped west on a low volume, continuous cycle to take the strain off levees and New Orleans. You can pile water only so high behind earthen levees.

Task at hand...we are looking for a firm or agency to champion this idea and move it forward to a working system.

This would be a new type Interstate system, which will necessitate starting over with water compacts that are 100's of year old with years of political bandages applied. Native American Nations will be big players on both ends of the system.

The Western Governors' Association, ironically, includes many of the states with the flood water and the states that need the water, but the association is in the study and seminar business. Something with the same make up as the Western Governor's' Association with the ability to turn an idea into a working business is needed.

The first order of business will be the research necessary to show the locations and sizes of the various abandoned/inactive pipelines. All of this information is available thru the records kept at, but since 9-11 this information, understandably, is not readily accessible to just anyone.

We look forward to providing even more information.

Thank you!!!

Merlyn Nyght
Albuquerque, NM


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