Solar Powered High Brightness LED Outdoor Lighting

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Off-grid lighting is badly needed in developing countries and rural areas as the infrastructure and resources are not there to support the lighting needs after sunset.

Outdoor LED lighting permits students light to study by and reduces crime and prevents travel accidents. Since the light is fully contained, no wiring is required, just mount it and it starts working. Operational life is estimated at 8 years continuous operation.

The light output is sufficient for streets, parking lots and any areas that need light
at night where mains power does not exist or would be too expensive to install.
5 models are available from 5 watts to 30 watts of LED power. There are no parts to assemble or connect as the lights are totally self contained units resulting in lower cost and ease on installation.

Just put into production by Brilliance Technologies in China is the "FULL MOON"
Solar light. This is a joint development effort between One Stop Engineering in America and Brilliance Technologies in China.

Construction consists of a rectangular enclosure with the top side being a solar panel and the bottom side high brightness LED light arrays. Inside are LiFeP storage batteries and control circuitry to automatically switch the batteries from "charge" to "discharge" mode when the sun sets.

The solar panel and batteries are sized to provide continuous light even when the sky is overcast or raining for up to 3 days. These meet IP65 for outdoor use.


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