Fuel Cycle In An Internal Combustion Engine Setup

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This project is about design of series of various processes through which a fuel cycle in an internal combustion engine setup can be created in which there would be no use of refueling the vehicles working on it & also it won't produce any kind of harmful emissions. This is achieved with the help of concepts of Sabatier reaction, CO2 membrane separation method, Reverse hydrogen fuel cell & Combustion of fossil fuels used in the vehicles. Using all this concepts a reversible cycle is created with help of various electrochemical processes. It mainly separates the CO2 gas from the other flues gases and converts it into natural gas CH4 which flows in the system and after performing it's work giving energy to the engine after exhaustion in the form of flue gas it is again reproduced through chemical reactions and again it starts to flow in the entire system, thus leading to a fuel cycle. A kit can be created using this concept which can be mounted on the vehicles which will prevent the exhaustion of the harmful flue gases in the atmosphere. This can help in the reduction of pollution to a great extent & as in this economic world, price of fuels is hiking day by day, thus it will also help the lay man to survive, as fuel has become one of the utmost necessity.

On combustion, fuel releases many other gases despite of CO2, at present all the toxic gases of flue gases are treated with the EGR method & catalytic converter due to which their toxicity is decreased to a sufficient extent and after that they are released in the atmosphere. But still the harmful effect of the CO2 gas is prevailing. In this paper the solution to this problem has been discussed. The carbon dioxide are separated with the help of CO2 polymeric membrane separation method. After the separation the CO2 gas is chemically reacted with H2 (Hydrogen gas) with the help of a reaction called Sabatier Reaction. As carbon-dioxide gas reacts with hydrogen gas, natural gas & water is obtained as product. NASA is working on this Sabatier reaction for their project of Life On Mars. For this reaction to be carried out H2 gas is required which is obtained from Reverse Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Hydrogen Fuel cell is used to produce electricity with the help of H2 & O2 gas, this fuel cell is used in the Hydrogen Cars, in hydrogen fuel cell when hydrogen and oxygen react electricity is produced and pure water is also obtained as a product, but in the case of the Reverse hydrogen fuel cell with the help of electricity H2 & O2 gas are separated from water, this cell is a membranous fuel cell. This hydrogen gas is supplied for the Sabatier reaction and is reacted with CO2 gas.

Thus a Fuel cycle is obtained after various processes in an Internal Combustion Engine where there won't be any need of refueling and no harmful pollution.


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