Extracting Electric Power From Gases

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Proposed prototype utilizes 1. centrifugal compressors/impellers, driven by 2. high speed electric motor, or 3. steam turbine, or 4. exhaust turbine/turbo, to draw high kinetic energy gas through, 5. electrically conductive diffusers, downstream; said diffusers applied with varying potentials of positive voltage to simultaneously cause arcing between over lapping diffuser plates; adding high heat to high kinetic energy gas to create molecular dissociation & free electrons; said electrons are attracted & extracted by by positive charged diffuser apparatus simultaneously creating negative electron energy potentials & a positive charge ion plasma in a continuous mass flow process; said plasma will contact , 6. discharge electrodes downstream & impose a positive potential onto electrodes; said electrodes will simultaneously draw electrons through control circuitry & load (current flow), then discharge electrons back into plasma to electrically neutralize plasma as its expelled back to atmosphere. Gas density & electron extraction determine voltage potentials. Electrically conductive ceramics, to include but not limited to Titanium DiBoride to construct diffusers & electrodes may be required & ceramics able to electrically isolate charged plasma to include but not limited Boron Nitride to construct components in direct contact with plasma may be required.

Very high gas density & high electron extraction are required to create practical utilizable power.

The concept may be more readily applied as toxic gas/liquid remediation device.

Potential markets to include but not limited to, 1. Transportation, 2. Clean Energy, 3. Semiconductor mfg., 4. Toxic gas/liquid remediation, 5. Radioactive waste remediation, 6. Particle Accelerator Labs. 7. New Materials, 8. Desalination, 9. chemical industry, 10. powerful lasers.

Patent 746477



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