An Environmental Health And Reclamation Project Aims To Reduce Automobiles' Damage In City Centres

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The idea is basically to get some energy from passing autos as an indemnification for to increase inner city's air quality and also produce electricity to use for inner city's benefit. This is an example of the process of an energy recycling system designed for Blaubach and Tel-Aviv street's junction in Cologne.

This system is based on the gain of energy which is retrieved from the weight of passing objects. While the objects pass, there is a system which will transform the weight energy of the object into pneumatic energy through the use of designed pumps. by stocking the air in air tanks up to a particular high pressure by transforming the pneumatic energy into electricity. Direct that energy for filtering the air system and to use for city benefits.

The system mostly consists of units that are smaller than the size of one m². An automotive, regardless of in which direction it maneuvers, activates approximately between 80-90 units. It can be estimated that 65.000 automotive travel through this junction per day. Hence, considering the weight of the automobiles one cannot ignore the existence of a possibility to gain a massive amount of energy.

All of the units are attached to each other and work in an organic system. Regardless of the direction in which the car is going, units close to the wheel will be activated prior to the wheel that is about to pass. The difference the driver will feel will not exceed the familiar sensation of crossing the route of a tram. All the entrances and exits of the system will have ramps that are long enough. Hence, the driver will not feel any difference when the automobile enters or exits the system.

2- The air is pumped by units and subsequently loaded into a primary tank. When the first tank has enough pressure with adjustable valves, air will be released up to the turbine tank. When the tanks have enough pressure, the air with high pressure and flow will activate the turbine. The pump system as well as the tank system will work under different pressure. Due to this fact and the fact that it has two air stocking tanks, the turbine will work under the same pressure and flow. This gives the turbine constant turbine rounding without the use of any regulator. The sizes of tanks and the pressure calculated considering the automobiles passing frequency. The system is designed to make the turbine run on a continuous basis. It is independent of the daily frequency of traffic.

The sample system is designed in a mobile manner and there is no damage made to the asphalt when settling down the system or while it is running. If the system is constantly applied to the junction, gained energy can be 2 times increased.

The main system is applicable and adjustable for every kind of road. Even for walkers or crowded squares, concert or demonstration areas. If the point is gaining energy.


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