Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction

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This project describes Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction, an undeveloped source of clean, renewable energy via Casimir Cavity Effect principles of quantum physics.

First proposed in 1900 by Max Planck and further developed by Albert Einstein, Zero Point Energy capture was theorized in 1948 by Hendrik Casimir and granted U.S. Patent 7,379,286 in 2008 to Jovion - www.trunity.net/jovion/
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A quick explanation of how it functions--

Quantum physics defines everything the size of an atom and smaller.
One of the properties of quantum physics, Zero Point Energy, is roughly defined as--

Zero Point Energy is everywhere.
Even if all matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma) is extracted from a given volume, and, even if the volume is then cooled to near absolute zero, it still is not empty.
Physicists have found that short lived particles (virtual) pop in and out of existence within the volume, and, that there is energy within the volume as well.

Casimir Cavities explained--
On an everyday large scale, a Casimir Cavity is like a bowl of water on the hood of a parked, idling car in which you float two toothpicks parallel and far apart. The vibrating hood creates long and short waves in the water.
When the toothpicks are far apart, they are not attracted to each other, when they are moved close to each other, they are attracted. Now separate them a bit to where they are still attracted to each other.

The space in-between is like a Casimir Cavity. Only the short waves can enter the cavity, the long waves are excluded.
Now shrink the above to the nano scale and multiply by billions of times.
The flow exclusion of Zero Point Energy long waves generates heat - potentially much more than hydrocarbon sources.

Unlike the cited patent which uses theoretical methodologies, my patent pending technology uses real life off-the-shelf ultra filtration filters for practical application. The scalable technology generates heat and, via thermoelectric conversion, substitutes for micro batteries, city power plants and mobile power generators, negating the need for complicated and vulnerable energy transportation systems.

Thank you,

Charles Rosendorf


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