A New Technology To Amplify The Power Of A Solar Panel By 200 Times While Simultaneously Storing The Energy In The Form Of Hydrogen

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A new revolutionary patent pending solar technology that increases the power of a solar panel by as much as 200 times, while simultaneously storing the energy in the form of hydrogen for later use, has been invented and developed.

An electron has both wavelike and particle properties. This new technology uses both properties of the electron to generate coherent electromagnetic radiation tuned to water vapor and electrical power at the same time. The water vapor may come from any source, including rain, sea or waste. The eRET generates electrons at very high potential so that very high power is produced with minimal electron energy input. Genesys,LLC has a working prototype routinely producing 10 kilowatts from two 100 watt solar panels with over one and a half years of operating experience. The system has produced power as high as 40 kilowatts.

The coherent electromagnetic radiation produced as a by-product is used to break the OH bond of a water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, our patented membrane can separate hydrogen and oxygen during the water vapor cracking process. The hydrogen is stored for future use and the oxygen may be sold as an important industrial chemical. The eRET is the only technology today that stores its own energy (hydrogen) simultaneously while producing power, thereby providing a solution for electrical energy storage. The economics are very favorable.

There are multiple applications for the eRET. It enables the realization of a self-charging car that doesn’t need a recharging station. Future versions of the eRET will eliminate the use of lithium-ion batteries altogether for mobile transportation applications, thereby substantially reducing the cost of an electric car. Zero emission data centers may operate at a fraction of the operating cost compared to fossil fuels without any carbon dioxide emission.

The eRET can provide economically competitive renewable, carbon-free electricity and cost effective hydrogen gas as an alternative to fossil derived hydrogen and electricity, as well as any alternative renewable electrical generation modalities such as wind, solar or biomass.

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