Hybrid Power Plant For Rural Areas

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Development of an effective social power plant
An efficient power plant, boon to the rural society
A renewable power plant
A power plant with zero pollution
A power plant whose consequences doesn’t result to Maoists
A power plant which will work in all seasonal conditions

Other Power Systems which are used in my idea
Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
Photovoltaic Cells (Solar Energy)
Fuel Cells
Micro-turbine generators

A comprehensive approach, where two or more of these power generation approaches are used, is called a hybrid power system.

Wind energy is the most pure form of the energy which we can posses and is also one of the most efficient form of the energy. Wind turbine/mills are the method of harnessing the fluid power (wind) into mechanical power

*Design doesn’t have any tedious arrangement as all the 4 wheel are active and are free it is easy to remove the wheel and replace new
*The design is also active for the wind speed low than that of 5m/s
* No interference to the communication system

Wind energy mechanism develop under this project is the simplest form of the multi blade wind mill with the help of the polymer technology so that this technology revolutionaries the production of the wind mill with the mass production of the wind mill.  These wind mills do not require any kind of furling mechanism and yawing mechanism and multiple of these wind mills can be used for the integrated production of the energy.

Produce power from methane mixed with the compressed air

• Micro turbine generators can be divided into two parts:
• Compresser type
• Decompressor type

• Quality power and reliability
• Stand-by power
• Peak saving
• Boost power
• Low cost energy
• Combined heat and power

• Provides better power reliability and quality, especially for those areas which are far away from the main power grid
• Can be alternative to diesel generators for onsite power for mission critical functions like Anganwadi and the primary schools in the remote village areas and for the remote hospitals
• Improve grid reliability
• Can be located on site with space limitation for the production of power

As we have seen that the wind, solar and compost work well in absence of each other. While combining the systems we can generate electricity endlessly in the rainy, summer and winter seasons without any hindrance and a proper and systematic method of storing the energy is also discussed above which play an important role in the social life to the rural sector. Successful application of these technologies will bring the electricity to the 60% of rural India which is deprived from their basic need of electricity. It will also reduce the political dependability of the electrical energy. It will also bring the development in the rural sector by developing the industries and various electrical dependants.


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    Pankaj Garg
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    now a days there is a big problem of electricity in rural areas. and if there is any avaliability of electricity, its too much costly for lower middle class people. so by this design i want solve this problem for all the people.
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