Cloud Energy Collector

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Many of us know how powerfull lightning is, what amount of energy it transfers and how difficult it is to harvest this renewable natural source of energy. In one of the experiments of American scientist Franklin in 1750 he was launching a kite into the clouds and he could prove that the kite accumulates the electric charge.

The problem of harvesting the lightning is that all condensator batteries are exploding and because the energy impulse is very short. Moreover a lot of energy of lightning is spent on heating and ionizing the air along the lightning route.

But negative charges are created in the bottom of the clouds not only during the storms. They are created there due to uprising flows of hot air from the surface (heavy water drops attain negative charge and remain in the bottom part of the cloud, smaller water drops travel in to the upper part of the cloud), which not neccessarily leads to huge storms and powerfull lightning, but nevertheless still creates some potential between the Earth and the cloud.

If we build on a conductor on top of the scyscrapers (arrester, but closer to the edge of the cloud) and connect it to condensator in series, we might obtain a electric flow, which will charge our condensator battery (C letter on the drawing).


- this is a renewable energy
- 0 impact on nature
- no moving parts


- can be applied only on top of the scyscrapers, hills
- difficult to predict amount of energy accumulated, parameters of equipment
- condensators should be removed during storms


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