Hurricane Control Using Space Solar Power Satellites (SPS)

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Hurricanes- the natural disasters are the major threats to our mankind. Up to now we are predicting the way of hurricane and time of happening but we are not stopping it. The solution for this problem is hidden in nature itself. In the near future we can stop it by using solar power. Space solar power satellites will convert solar energy into microwave beams of high intensity and suitable frequency. Through studies it has been proven that hurricanes can be weakened and diverted from its original path by heating the atmosphere around it. Solar energy in the form of microwave beams from satellites will directly fall on to the surrounding atmosphere and cause increase in surrounding temperature. We can divert the hurricane in whatever path we want.

The microwave transmission beam is powered with 1.5GW and frequency 183GHz. The frequency of 183GHz come under the strong absorption band of water. It causes to radiate the water molecules resulting heating of the area. Before that the hurricane is doped or fed with silver iodide crystals which act as a super coolent. These crystals freeze the water molecules present in the clouds resulting the outer air to come inside. The air attracted inside disturbs the eye and expands it. The expanding of eye results in the loss of angular momentum of hurricane. Hence, it is reduced by a category. By rising the temperature to 2*C of a 100kmx100km place near to it (in the direction of deflection), the hurricane move towards the massive heat. Hence resulting themitigation.

In the images you can see the satellite and microwave light beam falling near to hurricane. And top and back view of our satellite.


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