Making the Smart Grid Smart

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Atrivu Synthetic Intelligence SmartGrid Solution (ASISGS) truly brings smarts via cognition to our nation's and the world power grids. ASISGS is a cloud-based service that truly provides the smarts for the nation's power grids. The seven domains of the current "smart grid" include bulk generation, transmission, distribution, markets, operations, service provider and customer. All may connect with ASISGS.

ASISGS address the functional activities needed across the grid including control, measurement, protection, recording, stabilization and optimization. Remember that the function of an electrical grid is not a single entity but an aggregate of multiple networks and multiple power generation companies with multiple operators employing varying levels of communication and coordination. ASISGS is a hyper-intelligent nucleus that binds all together.


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    James Mcmichael
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    Using cognitive applications to bring actionable holistic approaches between man and machines
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