development of rail side windmills

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As apart of our final year project, our team is working to set up vertical axis wind turbines(VAWT) along sides of railway tracks. We intend to utilize the gust of wind produced by trains moving by to move these vertical axis wind turbines and generate electricity. This electricity can be supplied to nearby villages hence saving us large transmission losses. Our test results on a scale down model show that sufficient electricity can be generated to run basic appliances like LED lights, small fans etc. We intend to modify the design of existing VAWT further to develop a mechanism to adjust angle of turbine rotor blades as wind speed and direction change to ensure optimum angle of attack of wind on rotor blades and achieve maximum efficiency at all times. The blades can be manufactured using simple forging and bending techniques. Images of scaled down model made by us and the actual turbine that will be developed is attached below. The mechanism for blade adjustment is still under development and hence its image is not available at the moment.


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    Rishit Shah
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    Rishit Shah
    Abhirajsinh Chauhan
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