Solution of the Problem of "Global Warming and Climate Change"

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The radiation from the Sun is the primary source of energy to Planet Earth for its various forms of life and their activities. When the energy flux from the Sun passes through the atmosphere a substantial part of it is absorbed by its greenhouse gases, of which the major ones are: water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

Among these gases water vapor (including clouds) absorbs most of the Sun radiation, transforms its energy to heat and is also the key to the solution of the above problem. Water vapor has by far the highest concentration among the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it has the highest ability of absorbing the sun radiation, it is the lightest and therefore rises most quickly in the atmosphere, its mass in saturated air quickly rises by increasing air temperature, its specific heat and heat of vaporization are by far the highest. It is a great energy transporter around the globe. Carbon dioxide is second among the greenhouse gases and important as carbon resource but also responsible for the unwanted acidification of the seas.

The photosynthesis process harnesses the Sun radiation energy when building organic compounds from water and carbon dioxide. Plant materials of large variety are continously being built. Their chemical composition is primarily: hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Animal material also contain nitrogen to a substantial part. The living material subsequently dies and generally has its cycle as well as the greenhouse gases and their components do. It releases its energy content by burning.

The emissions of greenhouse gases by the increased burning of the fossil fuels cause the ongoing "Global Warming and Climate Change". This is now regarded as a fact by most scientists and organizations like the World Bank and the IPCC.

It is important to find solutions that are utterly energy efficient and economically viable and competitive to counteract the threats to humanity and nature from the global warming. Devastating effects of the severe weather phenomena like: hurricanes, thunderstorms, floods, rising sea water levels etc. might otherwise increase.

The IMF has recently pointed to the enormous subsidies to the fossil fuels of 5300 billion dollars yearly worldwide which distorts and damages a healthy development of the world economy.

It is the aim of the design of the process equipment according to the image to solve the above described problem complex with the best use of knowledge and existing resources and by adaptation to present energy system and existing grids. The primary goal is to reduce and replace the use of fossil fuels and work in harmony with nature and its processes. The design is also shaped to introduce the new concept of SEEMS (Super Efficient Energy Management Systems).

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