Traffic Managment

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Traffic Management

Now-a-days, one more fear has been added to everyone's life and that's heavy traffic while say going to office or going back to home. Everyday everyone suffer a lot due to this. There's delay in going office as well as going back home. Everyone is in hurry to reach the destination as early as possible. Due to heavy traffic problem no one is able to spend quality time with his/her family, friends, relatives...

The initiative need to be taken for proper control and management of traffic. for this the idea is to establish an private organisation/team which will completely involve in this activity of controlling and management of traffic. Although government already have such facility for control and management of traffic but either its ineffective or insufficient. In both cases everyone suffers each day and leads to various issues viz. frustration, accidents, anxiety and many more.

A private organisation can work more effectively in this regard. The things most importantly to be taken care will be:
- Permission from government for such organisation
- Proper & sufficient number of people for the organisation
- Funds (If people are convinced with the effectiveness in controlling and management of traffic, No one will hesitate to pay for it)
- Manage timings of each office (The problem is almost everyone same timings, different timings will keep proper flow of traffic)
- Time Analysis .


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