C-APP Data Pad

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Code Authentication Pad is an APP coded Data information programmer-transmitter-receiver satellite and tower-based all-in-one paperless device sensor-based small handheld for personal asset-item. Sensor-based security use and businesses transmits updates-advertisements-recall-coded information using similar device being code authentication pad links a user obtains product updates-recalls-specials of-for asset or item purchased-sold assigned a code linking APP assigned to relative Data with additive master security in hardware being a one source control point of a code to an APP on handheld APP Data Pad receives sensor-based coded signal information manufacturers transmits versus monetary expenditures heavily investing in publishing daily annually paper-back books owner’s manual, warranty, maintenance placed inside vehicle glove box while embedded within same handheld APP Data Pad additive controls for ultimate security access-operational use access signal release for cranking/powering-up operational use on/off motorized power, door unlocked and locked security authority being wearable belt accessory anywhere anytime. On-board audible male/female vocal for indicating keyed-in-saved- transmitted-received-programmed code APP data security information using embedded speaker, touchscreen key-pad, asset and item sensor APP storage-indicator pages linking security access operational use signal code to an asset or item, asset-item name with location being examples motorized vehicle all modes all kinds and types transportation or powered tool household equipment, garage and static household-office door locks. Pressing my girlfriend assigned APP ICON her cell-phone rings APPs already assigned to people’s data file-phone-address a Social Security Number now converted into a coded APP user linkup using APP Data Pad gains access. The paperless device added security one source programmer controlling asset and item signal code ultimate security example is programming code of an asset or item assigned an APP sensor-based security access controls power operating signal code linking owner’s manuals, maintenance and warranty data of entire inventory of new automobiles, jets, boats, doors, motorcycles, data-cell phone operational data, pull-cord motorized equipment power hand tools, power chain saw-weed eater-lawnmower, transport vehicle car, truck, airplane, motorcycle, ski boats-all boats, and vaulted asset vault, home doors, and garage are examples of best one source and one device management simultaneously for assets and or items at multiple different-kinds of locations globally having different types and kinds of transportation while transmitter enabled power, control discretionary authority transmitting signal code of assets and items centralized one source sensor security access operational use signal code an electronics upgrade saving trees while associative costs reduced for all related products sold is APP linked code is programmable while device having more utility a direct advertising tool placed in hands of any customer-consumer for convenience being the receiver unit of-for manufacturers-businesses-dealers transmitting advertised products publishing visual images-written print creates win-win for consumer and business and upon asset-item sold dealer/manufacturer places an APP Data Pad device in consumer-customer hands-given away to consumer for example new vehicle purchase instead of paper/books/documents inside glove box the Authentication Pad contains and links product as a vehicle purchased asset or item code linking APP Data” information pre-loaded now paperless APP Data Pad compliments eco system supporting tree growth paper-saver.


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