Multi Powered Energy Generator

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Energy is needed whenever and wherever we are regardless of the situation. And now there is.

When catastrophes strike and electricity is unavailable, we need the ability to charge our electronic devices and stay in touch with our loved ones. Regardless if we are out in the wilderness or are members of the military deployed overseas, charging our electronics while out in the vast lands is near impossible if we are unable to create our own power in any condition.

I have the solution.

My powerful Multi Powered Energy Generator is like no other. You can now charge the onboard battery in three ways.

Motion Power – A gentle movement will prompt charging of the onboard battery using centrifugal force and gears which drives a dc motor shaft and is connected to my electronic circuit board that increases the energy and charges the battery. .
Solar Power – Any small amount of light will prompt charging of the onboard battery.
A/C Power- Just plug it in through the USB IN to begin charging the onboard battery.
I have input my technology into cell phones and my new forest fire prevention system that uses my technology along with a cell reception circuit to instantly alert the fire department where the fire is so they can be extinguish before growing. They can be manufactured low cost and can be placed in the trees spread throughout the forest. I have created the worlds first Self Charging Prosthetics using my technology. Todays Prosthetics have made leaps and bounds over the last decade. Newer prosthetics require batteries to run the onboard electronics. Once the battery goes dead, so does the prosthetic device.

I have solved that problem. With my generator built within a shell and the addition of solar panels on the side of the prosthetic the onboard battery will be charged as the person walks or moves or simply has the device in the light weather it be outside or in a well lit room. The energy demand is rising along with costs and human population. Wind turbines and solar systems can create enough energy for our personal use however, wind turbines are large, noisy and expensive. Solar systems are also expensive. I have the solution. I have created a Home Energy Generator like no other.

With the addition of Evolution Power llc’s Multi Powered Energy Generator, I have re engineered and added a wind sail which creates a rocking motion to charge the batteries. I have also added solar panels which charge a separate battery. This in turn will jump start a DC motor that will provide the rocking motion when no wind is present.

My home Multi Powered Energy Generator is whisper quiet and stands only 16 feet tall. It is less intrusive and can be used in regular home backyards, military, camping or wherever energy is needed. In conclusion, My new energy device can be utilized in multiple new products to help the world.
Thank you for your consideration

Tony Hughes



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    Anthony Hughes
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    I can use multiple cad tools. my personal is Bobcad and turbocad. My professional cad software is Catia and Soldiworks
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    I am an inventor. I like to create
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    none right now. it took too much time.
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    I see the everyday problems that we live with and i want to help solve the worlds energy problems and to solve forest fires. I created technology which can be used in multiple products.
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