A Special House Structure For Defending Against Very Hot Weather

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In the year 2015, the hot weather in India caused lots of people to die.

I designed a house with a special structure which can make it cooler in the house than outside. The house is made by a special structure which has special thermal property. The roof and the wall of the house is made of a honeycomb structure. However, on the basis of the honeycomb, we add some new structural design for making the air in the structure flow in an special way and the neighboring cell of the honecomb is made of different material with different thermal property. The flow in the structure could takes the heat in the structure outside and the heat would be concentrated in the interface between two cells of the honecomb. The details are shown in the Figure.

In the z direction, the neighboring cell of a cell is different. For example the cell A in the z direction has two neighboring cell, one is C and another is B, respectively on the front and back of D. The neighbor cell could be assembled by machines and two neighbor cell is fixed and connected by plugs and some high property glue.


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    Jun Zheng
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    the hot weather occurs frequently on earth and make lots of people die.
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