International Flag of Freedom, Free-country, Love and Peace

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My invention one important to my life my family and to all people believe the words of freedom, and Love and Peace. All of this the design the song all are coming to my real hearth. I know this is simple but I know this is not only for me and my family this is to you and your family and to all people around me and around you.

The meaning of the logo 1, the 2 hand meaning this is our lord hand try to hold our world to protect us and protect our house, 2. world design this our house, need to protect. 3. the Key, we are the key how to open our world and protect our house. 4. The heart meaning this our heart the real heart to keep share and keep remind us helping together, and love each other one key to achieve our dream come true. 5, the wings this our wings we allowed to use this the right time the right day and fly and spread our wings and achieve our dreams any where we want to achieve because we part this beautiful world. The INT means International for short Freedom, Free-country, and Love and Peace the meaning of love to remind us and one key to Stop the War , fighting each other, killing each other, rowing our life our kids life because no parents because they kill of the war. All dreams and all futures are gone because no body care our mother natures, except this is one key to achieve our dream now our mother natures killing us, rowing everything and take everything what we have.

That is why I made this design because I want to demonstrate and share to all and remind us this is very very important to us no matter where we going if you believe in god and if you believe what you believe, nothing impossible to this world to success, and feel the real life and feel the real world, and to feel the real Health care and feel always safety no matter where we going our family safe, because everybody get together and help together to stop all this but happening. It means not only word I gave more life this word of freedom, love and peace to easy to remind and always keep our mind our hearth this is not only old generation this is never ending story and never ending generation, never ending dreams. it means this is one part of our life. Thath why I make the design sample of my patter of Int. Sample Postal Stamp. And Sample of Our International Flag of freedom, Free-country, love and peace and so many more. I hope give me a chance. Thank you so much and god bless us.


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    Jefferson Macalindong
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    Chef/ founder of International flag freedom and love and peace non- profit organization volunteer community service.
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    My logo and my design flag to share how important to us the meanin of freedom, love and peace.
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    Creating my new dish, compose my own song
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    For food and beverage and community service
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    Inspire me my design our dream why because we part this beautiful world no matter what races we are we allowed any one give a chance to achieve our dream to our own country, and to our dream country with our family.
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