Blood For Engine

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Today the world is facing threat from global warming due to the harmful gases that are coming from the combustion of fossil fuels.The alternate or renewable resources are costly as there is need in the improvement of the technology.So my idea is to prevent the harmful gases from the engines entering the atmosphere.My idea is to design blood for the engine such as there is blood for all the living beings which transfers oxygen to the cells and take the carbon dioxide from the cells and expel it out with help of lungs and other harmful substances are filtered in the kidneys.The same procedure can be applied here where a liquid medium is used to absorb only oxygen from the air and this liquid medium (LET US CALL THIS AS BLOODX) transfers oxygen to combustion chamber and after the combustion the exhaust gases enter into the bloodx and only carbondioxide is expelled into atmosphere and all other gases and particulate matter is retained in the bloodx. Later the bloodx can be serviced (after certain period of time or total distance travelled let us say 1000km) outside and the particulate matter and all other gases that are present are removed.The bloodx can be reused if all the waste is disposed properly. The main benefit of this is to kill the pollution by many folds as exhaust from the vehicles are causing upto 50%of NOX emissions and 25% of hydrocarbons.

The other benefits are:
1.The volumetric efficiency can be increased as only oxygen is entering into the engine cylinder.
2.The combustion will be complete combustion due to the excess availability of oxygen.In general combustion process the air entering into the combustion chamber has 79%nitrogen,21%oxygen and 1%other gases so there will be lack of oxygen for combustion.
3.Due to complete combustion the exhaust gases does not have products of unburnt hydrocarbons
4.The nitrogen is prevented entering into the combustion chamber so there will not be any NOX emissions and the combustion can take place at high temperatures.
5.The bloodx can be used as lubricant,coolant and absorbing of the vibrations.This can eliminate the use of engine oil
6.By this we can eliminate the use of catalytic converters in the vehicles by which we can reduce cost of production.

The properties of the bloodx are:
1.It must be chemically inactive with exhaust gases
2.It must dissolve all the harmful gases coming from the exhaust.
3.It must be good lubricant,coolant and damper.
4.It must have high specific and latent heat capacities as exhaust gases have high temperatures.
5.It must be working at elevated temperatures and pressures(at elevated pressures nitrogen can easily be dissolved in some liquids)
6.It must absorb high amounts of oxygen from air as the engine require lot of air for combustion and emit carbondioxide in high amounts into atmosphere.
7.It must available for longer periods.
8.The wastes must be easily disposed while recycling with no harmful effects.
9.The processing and disposing must be economical so that catalytic converters can be replaced easily


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