Ettridge Wind Turbine

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The problem with a Savonius Rotor is that it has no torque, as the blades are only powering the shaft for 120 degrees of one turn, while for the remaining 240 degrees the blades are consuming energy. The Savonius Rotor micro mini wind turbine, with the blades being powered for the full 360 degrees, makes it the only micro mini wind turbine that can mounted on a house, without any of the disadvantages of a propeller type wind turbine, and still produce an effective electrical current to be connected to solar panels or a battery. Providing Clean, Free, Renewable energy at much cheaper than coal, with no environment problems. By the use of a wind shield and over head wind scoops, the blades are driven for 360 degrees of one turn considerably increasing the torque, and producing usable electric energy 24 hours per day if a wind resource is available. Unlike a solar panel with effectively produces an electric current for 4-5 hours per day. The Electric Energy Market is in the Billions of Dollars, and there is an urgent need for a cost effective Clean, Green, Free renewable energy source, that would allow a consumer to go off the grid. The turbine blades facing the on coming wind are powered by the wind for about 120 degrees, but for the remaining 240 degrees of the turn, the turbine blades have a wind shield, to prevent the blades acting directly on the blades, and two overhead air scoops that direct the wind that would have blown over the top of the wind turbine, down into the tunnel formed by the wind shield, so at no time are the blades not being powered by the wind. The Wind turbine provides security from electricity black outs, and can provide off grid usage. As it provides a free form of electricity, it makes water purification and desalination an economic solution, an as the electricity is generated close to the source of usage, There is enough wind energy to supply the world with electric energy for free. Wind energy, is a Clean, Green, Free, Renewable energy, that can be used to desalinate sea water or purify dirty water for agriculture or domestic consumption. It will provide electric energy for air conditioners in summer or heaters in winter, and electric energy for all the other applications electric energy is used for. It will also provide electric energy for the billions of people in the world who have not had access to electric energy, or the benefits of free rotational energy for any application. It will raise their living standards, and create demand for all the useful products that many of us take for granted.


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