Energy Tree

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This is an idea of a tree which produces electricity upon planting in specified areas. Its name is Energy Tree. And it is basically a type of vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT).

Its speciality over the other VAWT is that it can work at all the times, irrespective of seasons and specific time period of a year.

In today’s scenario, all the petrol and diesel engines in the whole world converts only about 14-30% of chemical energy of its respective fuel into mechanical movement of their vehicles. Remaining amount of energy obtained is wasted unused by means of engine losses (exhaust heat, radiator losses, pumping, internal friction, etc.,), driveline losses, rolling resistance losses, braking losses, accessories losses, idling losses, loss induced by air drag, etc.

Anyone can notice the thing that, when a vehicle approaches and passes in front, we could experience a wind which is proportional to the vehicle speed, but it is basically air drag loss of that vehicle.

My idea is simply using the wind generated by the vehicle movements to rotate the wind turbines and thereby converting it into electricity. The vertical axis wind turbines are the only best suited types of available wind turbines for this purpose. And also in my design there will be some changes in a specific parts to make it ideal for this project.

The idea is to plant a series of energy trees on the road separators, if it is two way lane and along road sides, if the road is one way lane. And by integrating this energy trees we can produce considerable amount of electricity which can be supplied to that locality itself.

Planting the energy trees with equal distances from each other covers the whole length of the particular vehicle travel at a time. Hence always the energy tree converts some amount of energy from vehicle into electricity at that point. The greater advantage of planting energy trees on road separators is that, it can convert the energy from both sides of vehicle movements even they are opposite in direction with each other, it will continue to rotate in single direction.

Let us consider, if one energy tree has 0.5 kWh capacity, then six number will give 3kWh power, which is enough to power a whole house. And it will vary based on the individual power production capacity of energy trees and intensity of vehicular movements and natural wind.

Produces power throughout the year
Planted easily and requires only unused road separator and road side lands
Highly reliable than any wind mills in the world because of non-stop vehicle movements
Power line costs can be minimised to a greater extent due to direct local supply
Initial investment is low when compared to big wind farms
Extremely simple in design. So it can be manufactured easily using the conventional ways
Works on both artificial and natural seasonal wind.
Designed for little or no maintenance for longer periods


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    Navaroji Muralitharan
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    Electricity problem in my area
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