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Our idea is to invent a device which can utilise the large amount of wind energy which is otherwise wasted. As today the fossil fuel is decreasing rampantly, and if another alternative will not be found in a few years then it will put great stress on the fossil fuels and as a result on the future generation.

Windmills that are used today has big structures, are hefty, and required large amount of area to install. Another problem is its installation cost is very high. It can ONLY be erected in open areas. Because of its height it is not suitable for aerial creatures like birds and also a danger for airplanes. The device which we have designed, check all the demerits of windmills that are used today.

Some features and advantages of our windmill :
1) Its compact size.
Its base dimension is 40*40 (cm) and 45(cm) in height.
2) It will cause no harm to aerial creatures and no danger to aeroplanes.
3) the rotating turbine will be connected to dynamo which will convert wind energy to electricity
4) Leaf like structure on the top of the device will swing when wind will strike the leaf surface, and its to and fro motion will constitute electricity by using peizoelectric module beneath the leaf structure.
5) Moreover, all the open surfaces of the device will be covered with solar cells, which will convert solar energy into electric energy as well.

1) They can be installed anywhere even in small spaces so no big area is required.
2)_Our idea is to install this device on the roof of tall buildings, as at higher altitudes the speed of wind is much higher.
3) On the roofs of public transports like bus, trains. As they run at high speeds and as a result large amount of air will strike the surfaces of device. which will result in large amount electricity generation.
4) On the top of own open grounds, in the regions where the wind intensity is high,
along the roads
runways, as large amount of wind energy flows when the vehicles and aeroplanes passes, which otherwise gets wasted.

Our windmill can overcome the demerits of todays wind mills and they are able of utilising large amount of wind energy and the energy which will be produced can be stored in batteries for present and future purposes.

As we can use them on our homes roofs the electricity which will be generated can be used as emergency lights.
Therefore it has the ability to revolutionize the world and can act as better alternative to the fossil fuel and other non renewable sources.


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    Sumit Singh
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    I have keen interest in innovation. As today's need is fuel conservation as its consumption rate has increased in last few years and also it create pollution.
    Therefore it became important for us to look for another alternative clean fuel.
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