Coal Production With A Reagent From Potash, Limestone And Soda Water

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I demonstrated live at COALASIA 2012 (New-Delhi, India) that I can produce coal with a reagent from potash, limestone and soda water (these are material of flue gas of coal, oil, gas, biogas power plants) in room temperature, under atmospheric pressure, in water, in a glas tube without having to resort to an external energy resource and catalyst. That is what caused all that great interest and the expression of surprise and enthusiasm on the faces of the audience (attendees photo) and got gratulation from other speakers of the conference.

I can repeat this lecture and demonstration anytime and anywhere.

This chemical reaction could be the base of the first real renewable fossil technology of the world. And the energy of the regeneration of the reagent will be produce with solar or wind energy therefore this is the only real method to solve the carbon dioxide part of the greenhouse effect. That way there is no need of the closure of thermal power plants and there is no need of some really expensive technology to replace them, and last, there is no need to tolerate the harm they do with their carbon-dioxide emission.

This way, it is possible to make the saying, "Put the heat of the summer sun away for winter or for any time you prefer" reality.


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    Dr. Endre Simonyi
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    I have always tried to help mankind with my inventions, and as I have already proven it at international conferences as a lecturer, this is the only method that provides a real solution to the problem of renewable coal production.
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