Wind-powered Heater

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The problem
The higher power consumption in a home is for heating. According to recent survey about 60% of energy use in an average home is for heating water and for space heating. Even in commercial and industrial facilities energy use for heating is intensive for the same reasons that it is in a home and for many industrial processes that requires heat for steam generation.

Today the way we supply heat energy for daily use is mainly based on fossil fuels such as gas or oil, even the electricity is often produced in thermal power plants which pollute the environment with toxic fumes making use of a finite resource such as coal. A green alternative to this are the solar heating panels, but they are limited for use in certain geographical regions and favorable climatic conditions. Added to that this energy is not available at night. Thus, solar power is not available when and where it's needed most: in winter conditions, at night and during storms and in icy cold regions such as the polar areas.

The solution
An environmental friendly technology capable of heating water for domestic or industrial use in the most required situations is proposed with the wind-powered heater. The wind-powered heater can heat water for domestic or industrial purposes directly from wind energy. It uses a patented and innovative device called a Magnetodynamic Heater that works with magnetic induced Eddy currents to produce heat. A wind turbine spins a shaft connected with the Magnetodynamic Heater inducing strong Eddy currents inside the device that heats its internal elements and the water in contact with them. The device has dual purposes: it heats the water and also works as a pump at the same time. So with this it is possible to create a complete closed hot water heater system capable of producing hot water at a pleasurable temperature for domestic use or even to be used at industrial process, as the the system is full scalable. The concept was fully proven with a working prototype and an international patent was filled: (WO2006058404) Magnetic Induction Fluid Heater Device.

This solution is specially useful at winter times when hot water is more demanded for heating and the solar energy is not or is barely present, making solar heating system useless. It is an alternative in storm periods when the wind is abundant, at night and at seaside regions. In remote cold regions like the Arctic this device can be successful applied providing heat comfort and life support in an environmental safe manner using an abundant natural resource: the wind.

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