Gravity/Air Generators

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Using a simple solar balloon with dimensions at least 50 square ft. to generate a substantial amount of buoyancy. Specializing the shape for heat accumulation and possibly aero dynamics to act as a "a kite that always pushed up" with any angle of wind turbulence. small profile pump and controller to push air out or pull air in. Or the entire balloon system could be a robot that disengages at certain height, descends to re-engages the cables connected to the core after falling to the base of ' giant solenoid' generator. The hollow cylindrical generator will consist of an exterior field windings. Solar energy supplying eletricity (in series with an inverter) generating the perpendicular magneto flux across the cylinder. The core will be the conductor that cuts across the magetic field while falling and accelerating by gravity. The commutator will be track(s) internal or externally coupled to core, also acting as a guide. Other engineering is required to support a standing fixture. This type should always be paired with a second gravity generator so that one ascends while the other descends and inflates and heats up to reach lifting bouyancy.

The gravity generator could also be designed as an enclosed electricity generator and storage medium. This generating system must be specially designed, 3D constructed to have a overlapping internal and external rotors. Epicycloid design will be rotated drag of air will rotate the external armature. And air flowing through the center of the object will rotate the internal armature in the opposite direction. The counter rotating components will increase energy capture. could be slowed down or have targeted zones of landing or impact. The storage medium could eject and slow down separately with less mass and momentum. The descent This could be a free falling descent or contained and guided. The contained version could be bascially wind turbines that are lifted lifted by a solar balloon. Then dropped and guided by three beams and as descends, winds turbines rotates from wind drag. Basically a vertical wind turbine.


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