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Today, use of electricity is more and more so that to to reduce the use of electricity, this washing machine works without electricity. It is fully human operated. Rural areas, where people cannot afford electric washing machine, so that they use hand washing. In all those places, this machine can be helpful and it is also better than hand washing.

it is working without electricity.

This machine can be used in human exercise due to this requirement we made machine like dissemble it very easily and can be use for exercise.

It require horizontal drum so that it can required low water as compare to vertical washing machine which are use in home appliance.

Especially it can be use in rural areas where electricity is not there. and they wash their clothes at the river and pollute it. So if this machine can be use, these can be reduced.

It has a special drainage system so no worry about to drain the water and it can easily maintained.

From the ENERGY MANAGEMENT SHEET OF KERALA, we conclude that in our automatic washing machine, if we use 45 min, then it can consume nearly 1 unit.

So that, here are some calculations.

In Gujarat, the cost of 1 unit=5.72rs.

So that cost of electricity of any fully automatic washing machine.
So that in 1 month it can consume 30 units.
? 30*6.07=182
So if we count for 3 years, then cost with maintenance is,

182*36+500(maintenance cost) =7055rs.

Our machine cost is only 5000rs. and which can be reduced to get in mass production.

Today, we use solar appliances like water heater, solar cooker etc. whose cost is high but it will get profitable over time. But this machine is profitable in a very a short time and can save electricity also.

So it will be used in home appliances.

It is easy to manufacture. This machine requires an inner drum and outer drum which are available in plastic material. It requires two padestral bearings, two gaskets and around 35ft square pipe, 1 chain sprocket which can be used on a bicycle etc.

The dimensions are as per as bicycle so it is good ergonomic for anyone.


It can be sold in the rural areas.
It is very helpful states like BIHAR,JAMSHEDPUR states where electricity problem.
It can be used in place of a gym, because it can be useful for HUMAN EXERCISE and REQUIRED WORK can also be done.
In HOSTELS, where it is a big problem to wash the clothes at where this machine is very helpful.
Finally it can be preferable in home appliance if we want to save electricity.


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