Power Generation From Outlet Of The Water Pump

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Hydro power is the backbone of carbon dioxide free energy generation, about 22% of the world’s electricity production comes from hydro power installations .Most machines that make electricity need some form of mechanical energy to get things started. Mechanical energy spins the generator to make the electricity. In the case of hydroelectricity, the mechanical energy comes from large volumes of falling water. For more than 100 years, the simplest way to produce the volumes of falling water needed to make electricity has been to build a dam. A dam stops the natural flow of a river, building up a deep reservoir behind it. However, large dams and reservoirs are not always appropriate, especially in the more ecologically sensitive areas of the planet. For making small amounts of electricity without building a dam, the small-scale hydroelectric generator is often the best solution, especially where fast-flowing water available. During farming process for the growth of plant there is need of water, to supply this water farmer need water pump .after pumping this water from pump station the water have velocity, the aim is that, the use velocity of water for power generation by using open type low head turbine. Findings of this research were quite in harmony with theoretical and practically results which may be used for increasing the size of low head turbine along with a proportionate rise in generated power
The power generation form low head turbine up to131.2 watt and overall efficiency 47.8 % that is near about 50 % was obtained. This small power generation is sufficient to meet the requirement of one small family. Also the DC output power can be used for Ceiling fans, small pump, battery charging.

It is proposed to develop an open type low head turbine system to replace the shape in such way that to minimize the losses and increases the efficiency of turbine also produces the system feasible for the farmer as per his requirement


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    Most of the farmer in our countries are give the water at the night ,the problem is that to carry the battery for lighting purpose .to give the solution in a such way that the power is generate from the water falling from the outlet of the pipe.
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