Water, Water Everywhere

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Water, Water, Everywhere Project
By Putting America to Work
Author: Manuel Altobano
Oxnard, CA

A. General Information
Scientists have reported that the world is heating up even faster than predicted, and cause drought. As global warming continues to rise, the most precious commodity is potable water and the transportation of clean water where it is needed becomes imperative.
Implementing swarms of interconnected and aesthetically designed water multi-pumps/storage systems throughout the United States and using the freeway system, water will always be available cheaply. Water will be there to fight forest fires,etc.

B. Team Members/Support Resources
See attached File, with the same title.

C. Theory of Operation
In reference to the drawing “Water, Water Everywhere, One Unit Block Diagram”, as the vehicles passes through the MULTI HIGH SPEED FREEWAY MECHANICAL PUMP, the air inside the pump are release through the exhaust pipe through inside right STORAGE WATER TANK. This compresses the air inside, which push the water toward the left STORAGE WATER TANK. As the vehicle tires are out of the PUMP, the pump automatically return up to its original position, and takes in air from the left tank. To equalize its pressure with the right tank, the water will move from the right tank to the left tank some more. This action is repeated five times, during one pass of the car.
When a series of this system are interconnected to one another, the system in the right side sucking water from a lake (Oregon) and the last system from the left putting water to another lake (California), .the interconnected system will be transporting water 24/7 without any usage of any power grid.
This pressurized water can be use right in that section of the system at any time.

D. Market Potential
As global warming continues to rise, prolong drought in U.S.A., Australia, Europe, etc. will be hard hit. The “Water, Water Everywhere” solves this problem, by providing water constantly, anytime and anywhere.

E. Application
The Water, Water Everywhere solution has little to no real estate footprint by itself; it uses the roadway and mini-storage tanks. The mini-tanks and pipes can be use as a guide, and prevent car accidents, instead of using sand in the tanks, guard rails and walls.

F. Manufacturing Process
When the Master Scheduler (See PROJECT RESOURCE PLAN table) has a meeting, he can decide the starting and materials needed, specifically. All the materials are available in the marketplace. See “Suggest List of Materials and Installation Option.” Using the “Project Resource Plan” suggested personnel; its installation and maintenance cannot be beat. The suggested personnel are already paid, and are usually in idle mode.

G. Funding
The funding can be achieved through many resources, once the Project Water, Water Everywhere find a champion. They are innumerate below.
a. “Highway with Angels” dedication plaque installed on water storage, for donator.
b. Tax deduction incentives from government.
c. Straight donation.
d. Sell Federal bond.
e. Government expense through grant.
f. Private Gran


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