RefUSE Initiative

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RefUSE Initiative:

As we know that majority of the manufacturing, food, transport industries are using packaging materials
(paper, cardboard, plastic, carry bags, films, tapes, cases, gift wrapping) for their products, once produced and packed they reach the customer and after usage end up as non degradable waste. Also the misuse of paper at service organizations, offices, and banks is clearly evident.

The RefUSE program is an initiative which focuses on the customer to say no (refuse) to unnecessary packaging and paper wastage and he/she is rewarded for this effort. This results in reduced cost of product, decrease in pollution,increased customer satisfaction.

The current production and packaging is based mostly on one time use only and involves inefficient use of natural resource with eventually causing long time pollution.  Most of the offices, banks, education institutions use paper for each and every job which results in wastage.

Some examples of inefficient packaging and paper wastage are :
1 Cases of watches, spectacles, jewelry
2 Cold drinks in plastic bottle, cans, tetra packs
3 Forms at banks, offices
4 Postal communications,bills,receipts
5 Pizza boxes food wraps

What The Customer has to do:

The customer has to simply aid in keeping the planet green by bringing their own bags containers etc. and opting for mobile or e-forms and email communications. He/she has a choice of a somewhat cheaper less flashy option with less packing.

What The Producers have to do :

Banks, offices have to encourage the use of e-forms and mobile/Internet services. Manufacturers promote the less costly packaging options. Restaurant promote Dine-in than takeaway or delivery.

What are the benefits: The customer in turn gets benefits in terms of reduced price of product,rewards in the form of cash on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis

The manufacturer's cost of production and packaging reduces.

Overall the reduced production of plastics,packets lowers the consumption of natural resources utilized in these.
The toxic levels in the soils and water can be reduced. Air and water pollution caused by factories is reduced.

This system can be implemented on a small scale for a short duration and inference based on the outcome can be used to improve the project.


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