Raincity Guadalajara

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Our watershed anually receives near 300 millions cubic meters of rainwater. Actual infraestructure pours half that quantity down the drain where it combines with wastewater generating system saturation and floods, triggering human deaths and health problems along with water scarcity the rest of the year.

Our proffer is to restore the watercycle in urban watersheds using water inside the cycle and then letting the water flow, as clean as we received it, down the cycle. For example rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse and wastewater treatment.

To fully implement this projects its necesary to gather data about the volume, quality and intensity of the rain in order to design tanks, filters and pipes respectively. With mobile workshops we'll involve people in different neighborhoods so they can implement the projects in their households and give them tracing and manteinance on their own.

We have already assembled and currently employ a stormhunter, a truck with meteorological instruments to gather basic data, and a collapsible stage that creates a mobile place to meet with the community and share ideas. We will use funding to assemble more meteorological stations, improve the ones we have and buy and build didactic material to explain systems operation to people.


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