Super Mobile Charger

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Nowadays using a mobile phone is very common; everyone in this world is using mobile. Also mobile phone is a very important part of everyone's life because it can communicate in few seconds with the person who is miles away from us. As technology upgrades features in mobile phone increases rapidly earlier mobile phones was used for calling only but later sending text messages was added to it. After some years video players and camera and so on, but today's mobile phone is heavily loaded with lots of features like Camera, Audio/Video Players, Internet,and other apps but we all know that heavily loaded with apps means less battery life.

So here is one solution by which we don't have to search for a charger and also charging a phone is not required. This Super Charger charges phones automatically.

In this concept the frequencies which exist in our atmosphere (or surroundings) are used for charging phones. There are lots of frequencies for different purposes here we get them and processed them and with the help of FVC IC we convert frequency to voltage then after with the help of voltage stabilizer we stabilize the voltage to 5v pure DC and that 5v sends to battery charging circuit for charging the phone. By this way we charge our phone without any charger.


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