Water Conserving, Agriculture Pollutant Scavenging HydraMat™ by EcosPure

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Every day in the US 2.08 billion gallons of water are applied to Golf Courses. Just think how much water can be saved by only watering a Golf Course, Sports Field, or your own Lawn and Garden once a week. Trillions of gallons of water can potentially be saved using the new HydraMat™ by EcosPure. This new water conservation product uses bio friendly smart materials to regulate irrigation water evaporation from the ground under and around plants. This product has demonstrated the ability to conserve irrigation water by up to 60% in a hot arid (Arizona) climate.

While U.S. agriculture accounts for 80-90 percent of the Nation’s consumptive water use (water lost to the environment by evaporation, crop transpiration, or incorporation into products). Global water demands to support population and economic growth, are ever increasing. The stress is increasing on environmental flows, wetlands, rivers, and groundwater systems needed to maintain natural ecosystems, many of which are failing due to Agriculture runoff, this is demonstrated every year by large algae blooms and eutrophication in watershed areas throughout the world. HydraMat’s low cost, no power used, technology serves both the Water Conservation and Water Pollution Remediation Markets.

The new EcosPure HydraMat™ technology uses proprietary Bio Friendly polymers that use reversible, molecular charge dynamics to attract targeted molecules, including water in aqueous environments, (example, water soaked dirt is an aqueous environment). The polymer is applied to fabric by spray, using a large roll coating manufacturing line. Once dried the product is ready to use. Both Natural (3yr life) and Synthetic (10yr life) fiber mats have been tested and are available.

EcosPure HydraMat™ technology has additionally demonstrated the ability to remove the key watershed pollutants, Nitrogen and Phosphorus from agriculture runoff water and hold onto them for the plants to use without the need of any energy at all, each square foot of HydraMat can scavenge over 300ppm of each fertilizer component. Acidic mine water, dissolved metals, carbon dioxide and other pollutants can also be easily removed and reclaimed from water using EcosPure Smart Materials technology.

The HydraMat™ product's targeted industries include the Turf grass Industry $40B, Micro Irrigation for Home and Commercial Landscape $4B, and the Agriculture Irrigation $5.7B market. Follow on products will service the Aquaculture Water Treatment market, $7.2B, and Mining Water Treatment market, $9B.

Using HydraMat is simple, around plants the HydraMat™ is placed on the ground with the plant stem at the center of the HydraMat at an approximate depth of an inch, under the soil or mulch. And irrigate the plant as needed. Once wet the HydraMat materials porosity slowly decreases and this decrease acts as a gating mechanism that reduces evaporation of water from the ground by 60%. For turf the material is simply laid down on the ground and the turf laid right on top of the HydraMat , the Turf roots penetrate right through the HydraMat and actually grow deeper into the soil than Turf without HydraMat.

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