Rotor/turbine Etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, Its Related Applications

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Theory Statement

If we have two bowls, one is larger named as ‘Paraat (Hindi word)’ is full with liquid (water) and another one bowl (is made with aluminium) has smaller diameter and height. Smaller bowl partially filled and floating on larger bowl’s water surface. Water has been supplied from small diameter pipe (filter pipe, diameter 0.75 mm). Pipe has exit hanging over the smaller bowl’s periphery edges with discharging water.

The results concluded that,
In overflow condition water tends to exit the bowl or falls from larger bowl, in during this there is rotational effect on small bowl. It may be noted larger bowl is inclined to the level so that there is only one corner on which water can exit. Advantages is that small (minute) amount of water discharge is sufficient to revolve small container (runner, bowl) and larger bowl acts as stator in case of motor. It results in vast applications like electricity generation, floor mill or any other related etc.

Pulling marine vehicles transportation system

Problem Statement
Mega ships carries large population of passengers in a single time journey.
But if in wrong weather ship tends to stop its journey, also obstructions (rocks, species like sharks, boats, other ships) in journey also is a major problem.

Solution Statement
8 passengers are in a car (average passenger have weight of 600N).
Is engine responsible to run this car should have minimum generation of force equals to 4800 newton (60*8)?
Answer is no.
But it needs force that is able to overcome its rolling friction that is ?×R.
Whereas generally, ? >1.
Let assume, ? =0.4;
Rolling friction, F=0.4×mg; =0.4×4800=1920N or engine have to produce a force of 25% of whole weight.
Now let assume that engine (has sealed cabin for driver) runs on the track or road made on the bridge in sea.
Because track has to bear a weight of engine only, so its design requires low strength material, less supports or less care etc.
On the hand, engine pulls a capsule like large bullet shape sealed cabin or compartment for passengers or goods (cabin is divided into two parts, outer body (rotor) and inner body (stator). Inner body carried passengers, payload and appliances in ship.
Inner body’s floor will always remain stay horizontal because of C.G’s line of action has tendency to remain perpendicular to earth’s surface).
Because cabin is sealed, so it can bear water splashes, storms etc. and has capacity to float, sink, can run fast.
Electric power or other renewable energy driven engines may use.
Whole system can be fully control by computers at sea shores or at offices around the world with full automation techniques.
To increase the pulling efficiency we can use technique discussed in my previous paper
(lift and gravitational force conversion into forward thrust).


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