Addressable Light Fixture Controller

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Addressable light fixture controller is a simple and small electronic device designed to be used in a single switch with multiple light fixtures configuration in a room. This configuration is often found in large kitchen, living room, family room, and master bed room in an average house. This configuration is also found in office, conference room, class room, etc.

This addressable light fixture conroller can be installed to each light fixture to be address controlled by the single switch. Each light fixture can be turned on according to it's address by quickly toggling the switch.

Refer to Figure 1, a room with such single switch multiple light fixtures configuration can be instantly reconfigured with this device without rerunning the electrical wiring in the wall and adding more switches.

This addressable light fixture controller saves electricity by not having all light fixtures turned on when not needed or when certain parts of the room need to be darkened such as one person wants to sleep while the other person wants to do reading in the bed room, or the wall with video projection that needs to be darkened in a conference room or class room, etc.

Refer to Figure 2, this device works by the counter's output positions being selected by jumpers to drive the light bulb. The counter's position is indexed by the pulses generated by the user quickly toggling the switch. The power supply in the device has capacitor to hold just enough power to keep the position of the counter during the switch's toggling.
In a typical address setting, the first position of the counter is always selected so the light fixtures can work in a backward compatible manner. One or more of other counter's positions also selected to allow addressed control.

An example of the address setting of four light fixtures controlled by a single switch:
- First light fixture has first two counter's output selected.
- Second light fixture has first and third outputs selected.
- Third light fixture has the first and fourth outputs selected.
- Fourth light fixture has the first and the fourth outputs selected.

With this address settings:
- All four light fixtures are turned on when the switch is flipped on without pulsing.
- First light fixture is turned on when the switch is toggled on - off - on.
- Second light fixture is turned on when the switch is toggled on - off - on - off - on.
- The remaining two light fixtures are turned on when the switch is toggled on - off - on - off - on - off - on.


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