(GrowLife) Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System

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GrowLife Aquaponics (GLA) is striving to educate and enable consumers to re-imagine simple, organic, healthy food production at home. The GLA Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System is not just a sustainable means of food production, but a regenerative one.


Rising food prices (especially meat/organics), complications from processed foods (obesity/allergies), and questionable industry practices are problems faced by every consumer. Why aren't more people beginning to offset these compounding issues by producing their own safe and nutrient packed foods at home?

Well, besides simply a lack of time and basic knowledge in how to do so, it's hard work!

This system takes the majority of the time/energy out of gardening to solve these problems with simple, yet non-obvious, automated solutions in a complete, compact, modular design.


Our system eliminates all toiling over soil, digging, conditioning, weeding and watering to provide a crop yield 3x over equivalent soil space, maturity rates 20-30% faster, all with a resounding 90% water reduction. Our system automates processes without using any electrical or moving components by leveraging fluid dynamics and gravity.


-No water pump or traditional filters to clean or fail.
We have eliminated the water pump and designed a (patent pending) special housing, powered by the fish’s air pump, to lift waste water as well as aerate.

- Improved (patent pending) external bell siphon.
Our siphon remains fully accessible and is specially designed for low-flow conditions to ensure consistent flood/drain recycling in the growbed(s).

- Off-grid capable/maximum energy conservation.
Our single air pump powers all essential processes, only consuming 24watts and is the sole energy dependent device. The optional solar package adds a few components and provides power up to 45watts.

This system is modular via the extension/drain port and can be chained together. Accessories are in prototype stage and will assist in automating feeding and increasing grow out density. Numerous add-ons, such as deep barrel fruiting tree beds, floating leafy green beds, vertical and NFT tubular grow systems, and prawn breeding tanks are being designed.

Our modular starter system on its own is capable of producing 100+ lbs of fish and literally hundreds of pounds of produce annually. We have had success over the last few years in growing all leafy crops like spinach, bok choy, cabbage, greens and herbs; as well as a large variety of vegetables like cucumbers, squash, okra, peppers, corn, radishes, beets, eggplant, broccoli and more can all be bountifully grown. Current successful tests are underway with avocado, lemon, apple, peach and fig trees.

GLA is extremely passionate about sustainable living and advancing self-sufficiency in your home. This competition will enable us to transition from prototype to production mode. We feel our system could easily be optimized for 3D printing as the majority of it now requires no moving parts.

Get ready to plant, feed the fish, and enjoy the ease of being a proud steward of life. Watch it grow then harvest (in stages); nearly all the rest is automated for your enjoyment.



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