Engintronics-"Camless Electronic Engine"

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Engines are the commonly power producing machine running on either Petrol or Diesel or Gas. Engines are widely used in automobiles.

Newer technologies have made engines lighter and super-efficient. But still there are a lot more things that can happen.

Introducing the world's first “Engitronics”-Camless Engine. Engine made with mechanical and electronic technologies. Latest Electronics have made Engines and automobiles more efficient and reliable and powerful.

Here in Engitronics Camshaft part of Engine cylinder head had been totally replaced by Automatic Actuated injectors as shown in figure.

Currently most of the engine are using direct injection system. Which spray fuel directly in the chamber, and air is sucked through the inlet valve.

Here the inlet valve is replaced by an air injector. This air injector injects air at high pressure during suction period, which may help to achieve higher efficiency and power. This injectors actuated by either of the technologies like pneumatic, Hydraulic or direct electric motor drive. Direct Electric drive seems more accurate then others too. So we are using Electric drive in our first prototype.

Here Camshaft is replaced so Valve timing belt. Engine now driving Air compressor instead camshaft. This Compressed air injected in Engine at high pressure. So the camshaft and its valve train component’s weight has been reduced as electronics valve are lighter.

Engine cylinder head size can be reduced.

Main Benefits of this system is Variable valve timing can be achieved. Valve Timing are more accurate.

For Multi Cylinder Engines We can Turn Cylinders on or off depending on power requirement.

Higher Efficiency and power may be achieved.


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