Solar Tile

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This particular design idea solves the issue of safety when installing new roofs on new constructions and provides an alternative method of saving energy and at the same time provides a roof that is also maintenance free and will reduce pollution by implementing clean renewable energy.

The new and improved tile may be easy to install either manually of by novel methods as shown on the illustrations and video.

This new product can be applied on new buildings and or the upgrade of existing ones with the potential to be used everywhere.

The particular design allows other tiles to be assembled and connected at the same time forming and impermeable unit that can be fixed under the roof to form a solar roof capable of fulfilling the electrical needs of the building while providing a quality roof.

Solar panels can be manufactured in three or more different standard tile sizes with the end features designed to be Interlocked and easy to assemble at the same time have options to fit any surface.

The cost may be approximately equal to the existing panels given the additional features and the reduced size of the new panels.

The new solar roof tile design as the potential to improve the air quality of our planet and provide access for everybody to clean energy.

The tedious installation task can be automated as shown on the video by including novel features on the product that will allow a drone or similar device to complete the installation.

We need to start designing our products not just with our planet in mind, but with the options of utilizing the emerging technologies and bring them together for our own good and the benefit of our future generations.



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