Deep space Propulsion tech

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This technology will work on the principle of Action and Reaction.

MECHANISM:There will be two part of this engine.

The first part will move freely in a cylindrical tube but second part will be stable.
Two motors will be fixed in this engine as per the diagram. The (1) motor will work to press the first part towards the front side while (2) motor will work to press the second part towards backside. Two lever system will be attached with each motor.These levers will work to press their side springs when both motors will move.
There will be Pull Back system attached in the first part of this engine. This pull back system will work to get back the first part of this engine on its position with the help of a motor and electromagnets. Two magnetic brackets will be attached with first part as per the diagram and springs of first part's will be attached with a magnetic system. This engine will get energy with solar panels.


When both lever systems will work to press their side springs then a kinetic force will create on both springs.
when the (1) lever will press the spring of first part then the spring get stretch due to pressure and at a point of pressure this part will be detached with its side magnets and will move towards front side due to kinetic force. But in second part of the device when (2) lever will press the spring towards backside then spring will work to push this device towards front side after removing lever pressure.

In this way both parts of this device will help to push forward this device. The magnetic bracket will work to catch this first part so that this part couldn't move with backforce, otherwise this engine will move towards backside due to backforce.

The pull back system will work to attach this first part with the help of electromagnets.The first part will be detached with magnetic brackets when pull back system will work on this part with electromagnets then the springs of this part will be attached with their side magnets again and pull back system will be detached.


The first part of this device will get back its position again and both parts' levers systems will be ready to work on their side springs again and again.

In this way this engine will work. This DEEP SPACE ENGINE which can move at the speed of 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 kilometers per hour or more. This will be a radical step for deep space missions. There will be no need of on-board propellant in this technology (Zero Fuel Technology).

This technology is based on the mechanical engineering and will be 10 time faster, lighter weight and lower cost than any other existed deep propulsion technology (plasma ionic, and other).


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