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*State of the Art, Novel Technology, Featured Project Development / Space, Satellite and Habitat, Power-Plant, Generator, Self-Feed Unit; H2O => HHO => H2O => HHO => Etc... *4 Systems All in One Unit, One By One, Plus Four-4 Projects added One to Other; *·1-Gearturbine, ·

Adversaries threaten multiple High Altitude EMP (HEMP) attacks initially sparing human life, crippling power, communications and High Frequency (HF) backup disaster response networks for hours. HEMP is less disruptive between surviving Low Frequency (LF) radio stations.

The fluid dynamical boundary layer is fluid volume partially carried along by a moving body, due to adhesion to the body – then between molecules in the layer. Dependencies on velocity, body shape, fluid density,

A Novel High Efficiency Variable Inlet Area Propulsor

The aircraft industry continues to search for a single aircraft capable of both high-speed cruise and efficient take-off and landing.

My name is Saugat and I am from Nepal. My project entitled “Modification in aircraft wing to increase lift” is theft from the engineering of nature seeing birds flying around the sky. Like humans, birds are the perfect engineering creation of nature.

The Aerospace Integrated Bearing is a design that can only be fabricated by additive manufacturing and which exploits most of the benefits of this technology.

Take the sky with you leaving Earth.

Earth's atmosphere is a unique substance that people are looking for on other planets vainly. This light blue veil gently enveloping Earth gives us clouds of dream's star. How to take the sky with itself?

Aerogel will help us.

Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect

In 1923 Professor Paul Biefeld and his student Thomas Townsend Brown discovered this effect during the test of a new type of capacitor. Basically the Biefeld Brown effect is electro gravitation.

In our project, we propose an innovative software solution to the problem of electrical arcing risk prediction in high-voltage on-board electronic equipment intended for long-term self-contained use, like spacecraft conditions.

The easy to fly Fying Segway is a personal electric octa-copter with computer assisted stabilization. It has many uses. It can be flown manually or pre-programmed to fly autonomously navigating by GPS guidance.

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